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Hospital administrators around the country face enormous challenges when it comes to securing specialist care - especially in neurology. Physician shortages, competition from other hospitals and high recruiting costs all pose significant barriers to building quality neuroscience programs.


According to the American Academy of Neurology, the number of available neurologists in the U.S. will fall 20% below demand by 2020.


NeuroCall has developed the perfect solution to these challenges. Our services are flexible, tailored to your unique needs and effectively alleviate the burden of obtaining expensive call coverage.


Our service is proven to decrease patient transfers and length-of-stay. The improved efficiency not only improves patient outcomes but also results in a quick return on investment for our partner facilities.


Whether you need full-time neurology coverage or supplementary coverage to ease the load on your local neurologists - we can help.



Our team of board certified physicians are available to provide year-round coverage 24-hours a day.



Our business model offers a cost-effective solution to expensive outsourcing for emergency call coverage.



NeuroCall physicians are all board certified in General and many in Vascular Neurology.


Supporting Local Providers with 24/7 Neurology Coverage

NeuroCall is dedicated to bringing our knowledge and expertise to providers working in hospitals throughout the country.


Our goal is to support our physician partners on their terms. We do not alter established protocols or pathways, and are committed to working together to provide the best service we can to ensure better outcomes for your patients.