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Once a facility signs on as a network participant, a specific series of events follows to ensure a smooth and successful implementation, training, and Go Live. These steps include:


Kick-Off Call

This is our initial phone conference to introduce key players and discuss next steps in the process.


IT and Clinical Implementation Packages

We will send packages to your IT and clinical champions which include information about our service as well as a survey that will help us understand your specific IT infrastructure and requirements.


Tech Visits

Once the camera cart system(s) arrive at your facility, a NeuroCall IT professional will work with local staff to ensure the system is functional on the local area network in preparation for onsite clinical training.


Clinical Visits

Once the IT component is fully functional NeuroCall will then provide onsite training, (in-services) for your clinical staff. This training will ensure the staff members are able to operate the equipment as well as perform the limited techniques necessary, as they are the "hands" of the Teleneurologists.


Dry Run

Immediately following the in-services, NeuroCall will schedule a number of "dry runs" with the facility to ensure the local staff is comfortable and confident using the system.


Go Live

Post "dry runs" the facility will Go Live and be equipped with access to our board certified neurologists.


The process described above is typically completed within 60 days.


The Tele-consult