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The thing that our clients love about NeuroCall is that we provide far more than an "acute stage" type of service.


Our goal is to tailor our coverage according to each facility's unique needs. We do not assess with the intention of shipping patients to other providers. We do what is best for our patients -whether it be providing full and ongoing coverage, transitioning them into the care of a local neurologist, or if necessary transferring them to a higher level of care.


What Can NeuroCall Do for You?

  • 24/7/365 Emergency Coverage from Board Certified Neurologists
  • Follow-Up Consultations
  • Immediate On-Call Response
  • Rapid Program Implementation
  • Sustainable Delivery Model
  • Improved Quality of Care
  • Decrease Neurology Program Development Costs
  • Increase Neuro-Science Capabilities
  • Maintain Competitive Market Advantage
  • Improve your Revenue


What's more, when our physicians assess your patients we will generate official order sets - not just recommendations. This is one of the most important aspects of our service that sets us apart from similar programs.


Additionally, our physicians will also follow patients throughout the entirety of their stay if so required. This continuity of care is achieved with close coordination with local providers.


Plus, NeuroCall does not work through third party payors; all of our services are based on a flat fee for service that is conveniently billed directly to your facility.